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Are you an entrepreneur or health and safety expert looking for innovative safety solutions? Realize International Company (R.I.C.) recommends Gapguard, an exclusive product which allows you to ensure safety at work in Belgium and Europe.

Gapguard is a patented innovation. This new device from the U.K. helps minimise the risk of objects falling or people tripping into temporary or permanent passages or openings. This modular device is safe, reusable and allows you to secure dangerous apertures by blocking them.

It adapts to all set ups and is particularly suitable for:

  • Construction companies (building sites)
  • Industries with work platforms
  • Prevention and safety experts

The Risks

Apertures created for utility services can be dangerous if they are not sealed or covered. Our solution averts these risks in a clever way.

The Gapguard Solution

Gapguard is an exclusive, modular, reusable, patented system which allows you to block the source of danger.


Our HDPE material product, with fire retardant properties, can be installed temporarily or permanently. It is made up of two half-moon shaped parts which interlock and can be adjusted to any installation.


With Gapguard, you have a safe, long-lasting, affordable easy-to-position device which makes your workplace safe.


R.I.C. is managed by Henri Dermul, former Marketing Sales and Service Operations Director of a leading fire-prevention company for 44 years. R.I.C. is the distributor of Gapguard in Belgium and Europe.

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