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A Multipurpose Equipment

R.I.C., your Safety Company, is the Distributor of Gapguard Protection

Building contractors, company managers, health and safety officers: we bring you a simple but effective way to limit the risks of accidents caused by apertures on construction sites and work platforms. Thanks to the Gapguard system commercialised by R.I.C., a Belgium-based safety company, these dangers are now a distant memory.

The Advantages of Gapguard

Our protection system, a patented innovative device from the U.K., brings remarkable progress in terms of risk prevention. It presents many advantages:

  • It is safe: it effectively obstructs the aperture created for technical purposes
  • Easy and fast installation
  • Modular system adaptable to all obstacles
  • Temporary or permanent application
  • Can be reused: good value for money
  • Made in HDPE with fire-retardant properties
  • Light, stainless, solid product
  • System used in different fields (offshore platforms, power stations and nuclear power plants, refineries, industries, construction...)

Conformity with European Norms

In conformity with European directives "Regulation pertaining to work at height and fall of objects" (10.(1)) and "Safety at work on platforms" (5.(b) and 5(c)), Gapguard is currently the only product on the market designed to minimise this danger.

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