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Gapguard by R.I.C. Ensures your Safety on Construction Sites

Looking for safety solutions for construction sites in Belgium? R.I.C. helps its professional clients avert falls caused by passages and openings with Gapguard, an exclusive patented innovation imported from UK.

Potential Risks

Technical installations (electrical shafts, cables) on construction sites and industrial sites foresee temporary or permanent apertures and passages. These create dangerous gaps between the technical installations and work platforms. Objects, tools and materials can fall through these gaps and hit workers on lower levels. These openings also represent a potential risk for people who may get stuck in the event of trips or falls.

Make your Workplace Safe

Whether you are an entrepreneur, an employer or a health and safety prevention expert, Gapguard is the right product for you. It has been specifically developed to minimise the risks caused by openings and passages by blocking dangerous gaps in a clever way.

In conformity with the European directives "Regulation pertaining to work at height and fall of objects" (10.(1)) and "Safety at work on platforms" (5.(b) and 5(c)), Gapguard is currently the only product on the market designed to minimise this danger. R.I.C. distribute this product in Belgium and Europe.

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