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Gapguard, a Brand New System for Safety at Work

Are you looking for a way to effectively prevent risks caused by openings and passages on your construction site? R.I.C. has the solution with Gapguard! R.I.C. promotes this new safety system in Belgium and Europe.

What is Gapguard?

Gapguard is a patented innovation that allows you to block and secure openings and holes created by floor apertures resulting from utility services. This modular product can be adjusted to suit many types of set-ups. Gapguard is made of adjustable bright-coloured highly-visible discs and is installed in a matter of minutes. It can be placed temporarily or permanently on industrial construction sites or platforms. The product is reusable which makes it good value for money.

What Does Gapguard Do?

The device closes floor apertures created for pipes or tubes at your industrial premises or construction site. Gapguard conforms to European norms pertaining to work at a height. To this end, it enables you to guarantee the safety of your employees.

If you are interested in the Gapguard system, do not hesitate to contact R.I.C., Gapguard's distributor in Belgium, either via email or phone. We are at your disposal for any information, quotations or prices.

To learn more about our product, please download our informative document below.

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